Why Bilateral Breathing is Important for Swimmers

Swimming is one of the most competitive solo sports in the world. In order to be the best of the best, there are several tips and tricks to improve, swim faster, adjust body movements and techniques accordingly. One of the essential elements of swimming is breathing quickly and effectively. Bilateral breathing, though sometimes controversial, is [...]

Timing Yourself: A Simple Way to Measure Swimming Improvement

Whether you swim for personal recreation or have competitive goals in mind, you’ll almost certainly benefit from improving your existing set of skills. For recreational swimmers, improved skills translate into increased confidence and a more relaxed attitude in the water. And for competitive swimmers, improvement in the pool often proves essential for meeting specific objectives [...]

4 Major Fitness Benefits of the Breaststroke for Swimmers

Swimming is a popular recreational sports activity and an effective exercise of choice for most people because of its many physical and mental benefits. The Breaststroke – hailed as the oldest of all swimming strokes – is frequently used in training, as it requires almost all muscle groups to successfully execute the stroke. The Breaststroke [...]

Avoid Shoulder Strain with these Essential Swimming Techniques

Swimming is an enjoyable way to exercise and is known for putting little pressure on the joints. However, because the muscles of the shoulders are used heavily in swimming to propel the body forward, there is the potential for shoulder strain. This condition even has its own name within the sport: “swimmer’s shoulder.” According to [...]