4 Major Fitness Benefits of the Breaststroke for Swimmers

Swimming is a popular recreational sports activity and an effective exercise of choice for most people because of its many physical and mental benefits. The Breaststroke – hailed as the oldest of all swimming strokes – is frequently used in training, as it requires almost all muscle groups to successfully execute the stroke. The Breaststroke [...]

Avoid Shoulder Strain with these Essential Swimming Techniques

Swimming is an enjoyable way to exercise and is known for putting little pressure on the joints. However, because the muscles of the shoulders are used heavily in swimming to propel the body forward, there is the potential for shoulder strain. This condition even has its own name within the sport: “swimmer’s shoulder.” According to [...]

Learning How to Swim: Did You Know That There Are Parent and Me Swim Classes in Orange County?

For your child, being able to learn to swim at a young age is an excellent skill that will benefit them throughout their life. And being able to learn to swim with a parent in the pool with them is a truly wonderful experience that will create lasting memories for your family. At Blue Buoy [...]

The Most Important Training Step in Swimming Classes Is Breathing Techniques

One of the most valuable things that swimmers need to learn is proper breathing. It’s not just about taking air in and out of the lungs. It’s a complex, intelligent process that gives an edge to swimmers, and makes them perform better in and out of their game. Unfortunately, many beginners (and even experienced swimmers) [...]