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Blue Buoy Swim School Testimonials

We pride ourselves in providing the best experience to our Blue Buoy Family. This is just a sample of the many testimonials of people’s great experiences with Blue Buoy. If you would like to send us a testimonial, we would love to see it. Just fill out the form below.

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“Jeremy is amazing!”

Jeremy is amazing! My daughter has been swimming with Jeremy since she was a year old. By the time she was two and a half she was swimming underwater, by herself!! People in our community at the pool would be in awe at how young and small she was…I guess she did look a bit odd…a two year old independently swimming, but it’s all because of Jeremy’s dedication and encouragement. My nieces went to Blue Buoy and went on to be on Varsity swim and water teams…this is the best place for your child to learn to not only swim, but love to swim!


“We couldn’t be happier”

My family has been taking weekly lessons at Blue Buoy for the last 4+ years and we couldn’t be happier. Eric has taught all of my sons and he is the very best! He taught my oldest son to swim when he was preschooler and he now swims competitively on an ISL swim team with great technique! My shy, sometimes stoic 4 year-old son looks forward to his lesson each week with Eric, who makes him laugh and swim with gusto! My boys have also had great lessons with Stacy, Adrian, Lindsey, and even my husband had a great time learning from Johnny. Basically, you can’t go wrong with any of the BB teachers! I’ve referred lots of my friends to this wonderful school and they have all been very happy with their experiences. Furthermore, I can’t complete this testimonial without mentioning the amazing team in the Front Office. Jennifer, Sarah and Michelle have always answered my questions with the utmost patience and friendliness, and they are always willing to go the extra mile to help me juggle all of our lessons and makeup requests…and believe me, there have been plenty of those! You will not find a more professional, friendly and effective swim school with a more flexible makeup policy. Blue Buoy not only operates like one big, happy family, they have been a part of our family for years and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Keep up the great work!

Lisa C.

“Love this swim school!”

My son has been attending Blue Buoy since he was 7 months old. We originally started him in the weekly Parent and Me class. My husband would get in the water with him, other babies and instructors while they learned various swimming things as well as sing and play. He enjoyed it so much. The indoor pool is kept at a comfy 92 degrees. A perfect temperature no matter what the weather is outside. My son is now in private lessons, in the water one on one with the instructor and has a blast. This place is so much fun for kids who love the water!

Harmonie P.


We have been Blue Buoy People since 2007. Both our daughters (age 6 and 4) were in the water joining “Parent and Me” classes at 6 months and have continued ever since, year round, rain or shine, which is easy with the pool temperature being a balmy 92 degrees! The girls have swum with every instructor and they are all BRILLIANT!

Blue Buoy it is not just a place for swim lessons. Summer Swim meets, the annual Water Safety Awareness and Ocean Swim raise awareness for the importance of getting kids swimming as early as possible. We also use the open swim times for family swims and have held wonderful pool parties for both girls’ birthdays. Even though my oldest daughter is now on a swim team but both she, and her sister, still love their weekly lessons!

Steve and Nicky C.

“Stacy is a FANTASTIC teacher!”

We have a pool at the house we bought last year and therefore needed our daughter to learn to swim for her safety. She was having a significant amount of fear in any water, even just the bathtub. When we started lessons, it was tears and crying every time she went under the water. After talking with her teacher – Stacy – we switched her to semi-private lessons and within a short time she started to really enjoy the water and now has no fear of putting her face in the water. In just a couple of months, she is even starting to actually swim a bit! Stacy is a FANTASTIC teacher and we have enrolled Ella for a full year of classes with her. I cannot recommend Blue Buoy and Stacy enough!


“Thank you Blue Buoy!”

Blue Buoy has been in my life for over three decades. I learned how to swim at Blue Buoy, and now my two kids are learning at the same place! We even travel from Seal Beach to have Ms. Stacy teach them to swim! Blue Buoy offers such a warm and friendly environment. Every teacher is great, and the office staff is always so helpful and accommodating. Thank you Blue Buoy!

Michelle C.

“My kids love their instructor”

My kids love their instructor, Miss Rosie, and look forward to their swimming lesson every time. She is very good with kids and patient with them. She’s absolutely awesome!!


“We absolutely recommend Blue Buoy to everyone!”

Blue Buoy has been a great place for our daughter. The school was recommended by our neighbors, whose son has been taking lessons from Blue Buoy for a while. Although we have been here for only a short time, we have already seen a huge improvement in our daughter’s swimming! It’s a great place for kids of all ages. We absolutely recommend Blue Buoy to everyone!


“We are happy he has learned so much!”

Our son has learned all the swim strokes and recently asked when his swimming lessons were going to start up again when we took a winter break. He looks forward to his swimming lesson with his teacher Miss Lindsay and he has had a number of really great teachers here at Blue Buoy. We are happy he has learned so much!

Anne S.

“A VERY big thank you to Miss Lindsay!!!”

Just wanted to give a VERY big thank you to Miss Lindsay!!! My daughter, Izabella, who is 6, began lessons with Lindsay about 7/8 weeks ago and when she first started was so afraid to even put her face in the water…….NOW, she is very comfortable and confident in the water and has no issues going under water. Lindsay has been amazing in every aspect; always sweet, patient, and very reassuring to Izabella. My daughter is well on her way to becoming an amazing little swimmer. Izabella is sadly done with summer lessons but she can’t wait to get back to lessons in the Spring with her………..Thanks Lindsay. You’re the greatest!

Susan L.

“It takes more than an Olympian to achieve such great accomplishments in life and then come back to your community and give back such a great gift and, to do it with such finesse”

Dear Johnny and everyone at Blue Buoy,

WOW! What an experience. Thank you for putting together such a wonderful event. Words cannot express how exciting it was. (I know that is a cliché but it is true). The event went so smoothly, you organized it very well. With the perfect amount of time to get acquainted, take a picture, eat, swim instruction (with the Olympians) … lunch, pictures and autographs. There was no lag time and the guys were more than professional. They got down to the kids’ level, spoke kid lingo, played with them and gave each one of them hands on help with their tricks of swimming. It takes more than an Olympian to achieve such great accomplishments in life and then come back to your community and give back such a great gift and, to do it with such finesse.

The inspirational talk they gave before the instruction began brought tears to my eyes, yet it was something that even the children of the youngest ages understood. My favorite saying now is, “winning is a bonus.” What better way can you interpret that concept. As they gave instruction to the kids, they spoke to the children as if they were one of them, not down to them. This brought laughter to the pool and made it fun for them to learn. Yet they were able to express these complicated concepts in ways that they could understand.

Thank you, we had a great time. Again, you all did a brilliant job of putting this event together, right down to the healthy snacks. It couldn’t have been put together better.

Jennifer D.

“Thank You for boosting Oliver’s water confidence and skills!”

Johnny, I just wanted to say Thank You for boosting Oliver’s water confidence and skills so tremendously over the past 8 weeks. Before we started these lessons, Ollie was nervous about getting his head wet in the shower and never put his face in the water on pool visits. And now, I can’t get the little munchkin out! Your instruction has been so invaluable and your enthusiasm has been so contagious. We sadly say our good-byes this week as we get ready to head back home to New Zealand.

Thank you so much for teaching Oliver that swimming can be both an exciting new skill to develop as well as being fun at the same time.

Warm regards,


“My children are SO comfortable with Jeremy. He is an amazing swim teacher and my kids are learning so much from him.”

Dear Blue Buoy Team,

My husband and I decided to put our son and daughter in swim school. I did some research on line. We started them at XX .. They were not learning very much because they were not having fun… We wanted them to continue swim school for safety and for something fun to do every week. After talking with my brother and sister-in-law who took both their girls to Blue Buoy–They no longer do swim school because the girls learned how to swim–They said I should try it. Blue Buoy is a little far from our home but after talking with my husband we decided to give it a try. I called and talked with Michelle who was so understanding of my story and so helpful over the phone. She told me everything and answered all my questions. We have now been going to Blue Buoy for 10 weeks. My children are SO comfortable with Jeremy. He is an amazing swim teacher and my kids are learning so much from him. They are learning how to swim finally. Jeremy is patient and just has that way about him. Mykids laugh with him and they never want to get out of the heated pool. The atmosphere is so inviting. They ask me every day “Mommy is today swim lesson with Jeremy?” So with all this being said I would like to Thank the Blue Buoy swim team and Jeremy for all their hard work and teaching not only our children but all the children that they teach.


The M. Family

“…their philosophy on teaching people to swim is the absolute best”

As a former student at Blue Buoy (started when I was 6 months and continued through childhood), I could think of no greater school to take my two girls. They absolutely love the environment as well as the teachers. Rosie was their first teacher and she creates such a fun environment for learning while showing you and baby the basics of swimming. Johnny was my teacher as a child and now that we are in his class I couldn’t love it more! Both of my girls have grown leaps and bounds in the past few months. Everyone is so nice there, the environment is warm (not to mention the pool!) and their philosophy on teaching people to swim is the absolute best. I always recommend this school to anyone who asks!

Imogene and Brooke Reitz

“Love the staff and teachers!”

My sons have been taking class at blue buoy for about half year and they love to swimming now!! They took classes with a lot of teachers ( we do makeup class a lot) and I can say all the teachers are great!!

Ann B.

“Her instructor, Rosie, is excellent.”

My 2 year old started lessons in Oct. At that time, she feared the water. Now she enjoys the pool. Her instructor, Rosie, is excellent. My daughter has been in both the parent and me class and semi-private. The nice thing about semi-private is that if the other student doesn’t show up, you get a private lesson. They have numerous toys in the pool and the water is very warm.

Heidi L.

“Very happy with them.”

We sent our son to the Blue Buoy Swim School Of Orange County to learn how to swim and couldn’t be happier. They were great with him and very patient. Our family has use their services to teach a whole lot of our kids the joy of swimming.

Bonnie C.

“A little expensive, but worth it!”

Though it is a bit pricey, we are so happy with Blue Buoy! The instructors are super nice and are great with kids. The school is family owned and it definitely shows in the warm atmosphere. My son was terrified and cried through his first 4 lessons, but the instructors were very patient and understanding. He has since made a breakthrough and it doing great! He’s only 2 and is beginning to swim underwater.


“Best Swim School in OC!”

I don’t buy or sign up for anything without researching, reading reviews or recommendations. Blue Buoy was recommended by a few parents and so far, we’ve been happy with the results. Everywhere we go swimming, people admire on how well our 3 1/2 year old swims. The pools are warm all year round and their staff are very friendly. We’ve researched other swim schools in the area, private instructors, etc., but Blue Bouy is worth every penny we have spent on our boys.


“Excellent Instructors!”

Greatest place for your children to learn to swim. The pools are kept so warm it makes it enjoyable regardless of the weather. We do lessons year round. I started with my son who was scared of water. He now competes on a swim team (age 5). And then a too brave of a toddler daughter – she is now 4 and fully swimming. Excellent instructors!

Theresa C.

“Blue Buoy Swim School – A+!”

Blue Buoy Swim School is an awesome place for babies and kids to learn to swim and training in techniques. Children love it there. There is an indoor and outdoor pool which are both heated. Parent and Me classes are offered for the young babies who can eventually more into a semi-private class without parent and so on. My family and friends’ children have all had great lessons and sessions.

Harmonie P.

“He is a Great Coach!”

We are really happy to have Coach Adrian. He has such a special talent teaching kids who have special needs. My son would never, ever improve his swimming so much without Adrian. He is a Great Coach!