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Providing Swim Classes to Orange County

For children and adults, Blue Buoy Swim School offers the best classes from the best instructors in the best facilities in Orange County. Whether you are looking for basic lessons, competitive training, or simple exercise, Blue Buoy Swim School has you covered. If you are in Orange County, give us a try with a free class. Read below to learn more.

Dedicated to Serving Orange County

Blue Buoy Swim School has been a part of Orange County for over four decades. During this time, we have come to be known as the premiere swim school in the area, helping thousands of children learn to swim, and developing many competitive swimmers along the way. In fact, we have several Olympians and world record holders amongst our alumni. Blue Buoy Swim School offers Orange County the very best.

Our Staff

Blue Buoy Swim School does not hire temporary or inexperienced instructors. All of our swim teachers and coaches are dedicated to the practice and are employed year round. All of our instructors must undergo comprehensive theoretical and hands-on training, helping them learn and embrace Blue Buoy’s internationally renowned teaching philosophy and methods. Before they are employed, each employee has a background check run and is fingerprinted through Live Scan.

Our Facilities

Located in Tustin, CA in beautiful Orange County, we offer two, impeccably-maintained pools that are specifically designed for swim lessons and competitive swimming. Both of our pools are heated, staying at a comfortable 90 degrees no matter the time of year. We also provide gas heaters and umbrellas around the pools so parents and family can remain comfortable throughout the lessons.

Infant and Toddler Swim Classes Pool Area

We believe that being able to swim is a basic life skill, and that is why we work with children when they are very young. To help them feel safe and secure during their lessons, we have a smaller, enclosed pool for our infant and toddler classes. This pool is specifically designed to inspire confidence while working on foundational skills. The depth of this pool ranges from 2-4 feet.

Adult Swim Classes Pool Area

This large pool is designed with older children and adults in mind. With a depth ranging from 3-8 feet, it is ideal for those who have already developed their foundational skills and are looking to continue working on their abilities and confidence as swimmers. It provides plenty of room to maneuver in, and even has a stand-up paddle board for working on their balance.


It is never too early—or too late—to learn how to swim. We offer plenty of classes for children and adults alike, ranging from those that focus on foundational skills to those that help develop you as a competitive swimmer. Below are some of the classes we offer our Orange County swim students.

Parent and Me Classes

We know that it can be intimidating—for both you and your little one—to have your child jump into the water and learn how to swim. To help ease anxieties and give you an incredible experience to share with your child, we offer Parent and Me classes. You get to join your child in the water and have tons of fun! Each class hosts a maximum of six parent and child pairs and is reserved for children under the age of 3.

Semi-Private and Private Classes

Looking for dedicated instruction that can really help improve your child as a swimmer? Then our semi-private and private classes are the right option for you. Our semi-private classes are for a maximum of two students. We match up the two students based on age and ability, ensuring that the instructor can work with them on the same level. These classes are fun, customized, and a little competitive, making them great for dedicated swimmers.

Our private classes are one-on-one, ensuring that your child has the complete attention of the instructor. These are similar to the semi-private classes, except that they are 100% private. In general, these classes are best reserved for competitive swimmers who really need the coaching to gear up for winning their next medal.

Stroke Prep Classes

These classes are for school-aged children who already have their foundational skills down and are familiar with at least two strokes. Each class is limited to 6 students and takes about 20 minutes, ensuring your child gets maximum instruction in minimal time. This is a great way to build confidence.

Stroke Technique Classes

These classes are for school-age children who are already competent at all four competitive strokes and are looking to improve, and perhaps start competing. Each class is 30 minutes long and is open to a maximum of 15 students. We find that this class is often the last step before students move into private or semi-private lessons.

Adult Swim Classes

You are never too old to learn something new. Whether you are just learning how to swim or you want to become a better swimmer, Blue Buoy Swim School offers the adult swim classes Orange County needs. We focus on both skills and having fun, so you do not need to worry about feeling silly or intimidated by our lessons.

While we are happy to teach foundational skills, we also offer advanced swim training for adults in Orange County. We can help you start competing, get ready for a triathlon, and more. Most of our classes are limited to 8 students or less, allowing you to get individualized attention while socializing with other swimmers. Adult classes are 60 minutes long.

Pool Parties

Make the next birthday in your family one to remember with Blue Buoy Swim School pool parties in Orange County. We provide you with a fun, backyard atmosphere without any of the cleanup. With our pool parties, you have access to indoor and outdoor pools, two lifeguards who will keep everyone safe and run party games, gas barbecue, refrigerators, and lots of pool toys for all ages.

Your pool party rental covers up to 20 guests under the age of 18, but the adults are always welcome to enjoy the water as well. Parties start at two hours, but we can arrange for longer parties when needed. And if your child is already a Blue Buoy student, your party is eligible for the Blue Buoy student discount!

Choose Blue Buoy Swim School

From foundational skills to competitive swimming to parties and more, Blue Buoy Swim School is the swim school for all Orange County residents. To learn more, give us a call or stop by our facility. We cannot wait to help you learn to swim!

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